Tools to Shape Up


Shape Up iPhone App

Screenshot of Application Home Screen


The Shape Up app is designed to help you get healthy and stay healthy with easy to follow, tasty meal plans based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Simply download the app and set up a profile to access 12 weeks of daily meal plans and healthy recipes tailored to your needs. You can mix up your plan at any time, by swapping recipes this allows the app to recommend healthy alternatives and ensure you’re still eating the right number of serves from the five food groups. The app can also coordinate your shopping list, keep track of your weight and how much physical activity you do each day.

The Shape Up app offers:

  • A twelve week meal plan that allows you to swap meals around to meet your taste preferences
  • A daily meal plan tailored to the recommended intake of the five food groups for you
  • A shopping list
  • An activity tracker that helps you to monitor your levels of physical activity
  • A weight tracker to help you monitor your weight

The Shape Up app will help you to eat for health and live today for tomorrow.